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The power to read is inarguably one of the most important skills fundamental to a student's ability to function and prosper in school and beyond. It infiltrates every facet of life, from the most miniscule tasks such as reading a menu to more difficult tasks like analyzing dense texts in advanced college courses. Setting a strong foundation from the very early stages of your child’s life is incredibly important for him or her to be able to build upon and grow as your child advances in school.

Huntington Learning Center offers reading tutoring programs designed to help students in elementary school through high school develop the language skills they will need in the classroom and beyond. Our highly experienced reading tutors strive to help students reach their full potential, instilling a strong understanding of reading basics that can then be applied in ways that help them to explore and understand the world around them in a meaningful way.

The Huntington Reading Tutoring Process

At Huntington Learning Center, we are committed to bringing top quality reading tutoring programs to students in elementary school through high school across the country. With tutoring and test prep centers in hundreds of neighborhoods throughout the United States, we provide unparalleled access to reading tutors for students everywhere.

Our reading tutoring process begins with a comprehensive academic evaluation, aimed at assessing your child's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to reading. This evaluation also allows us a greater understanding of his or her learning style and goals, enabling us to prepare the best reading tutoring program for overall success. The individualized reading tutoring program we build will be implemented in a way that factors in your student's academic needs and schedule.

From the most basic reading skills like letter and word recognition, to the most complex concepts such as symbolism and comprehension of advanced literary works, our reading tutors are equipped to build a framework within which your child can prosper. Not only will students experience a boost in reading scores and comprehension, they will also see a boost in confidence as they recognize their true abilities.

Elementary School Reading Tutoring Programs

At a young age, children exposed to language begin to recognize the connection words have to their daily life. The ability to read sets the stage for elementary school students to learn independently, absorb information, and enjoy the pleasures of reading. In these early years, your child will begin the pivotal transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." This can only happen with a strong understanding of reading basics, including phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.

Reading tutoring ensures development of your elementary aged child's ability to sound out words, build a diverse vocabulary, and master spelling. Continuing to work with a reading tutor in the later years of elementary school is equally as beneficial, providing guided support to build skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, word meaning, and the ability to form opinions after reading a story.


Middle School Reading Tutoring Programs

When students reach middle school, they will encounter a new set of demands both inside and outside of the classroom. The demands in school come in the form of more challenging homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and more. Because of this, the help of a reading tutor may be necessary to keep your child up to speed.

Middle school reading builds upon the foundation set in elementary school, requiring a greater range and complexity of vocabulary words, the need for a deeper understanding and comprehension of literary and scientific texts, and the ability to use context to gather meaning. For both strong readers and struggling readers alike, reading tutoring programs offer a unique opportunity to master reading and related skills to be successful as they advance throughout the school year.

Middle school is often the right time for students to work with a reading tutor, as high school and college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT sit just on the horizon.


High School Reading Tutoring Programs

High school students are given their first introduction into the high expectations and demanding academic environment they'll face once they get to college or enter a career. High school courses require students to be able to extract information and deep meaning from texts, whether the author's symbolism and messaging is stated explicitly or implicitly. Heavy workloads coupled with dense and difficult texts can leave teens struggling to keep up, and a lack of strong reading skills will only make this time more challenging.

Reading comprehension tutoring will help your high school student balance with greater ease the variety of materials he or she is assigned. Alongside the reading tutor, your child will utilize the foundational skills developed in elementary and middle school on an advanced level, giving him or her a leg up on standardized testing, in college, and in the workplace after graduation.


The Huntington Learning Center Difference

Whether your elementary school, middle school, or high school student is struggling with weak reading and related skills, or he or she is doing well but eager to continue to improve, Huntington Learning Center has a reading tutoring program to meet your child’s unique needs. Our reading tutors work with each child at his or her own pace, continually adjusting lesson plans based on his or her progress, problem areas, and interests. Our reading tutoring programs instill in each student the confidence he or she will need for continued success in school and life, with the ultimate goal that he or she will learn to love and value the life-long skill of reading.

Call 1-800-CAN-LEARN today to speak with one of our academic specialists and get your child started on his or her reading tutoring journey today. Your child’s future success begins with a strong reading foundation.


Huntington Learning Center is the tutoring and test prep leader. Its certified tutors provide individualized instruction in reading, phonics, writing, study skills, elementary and middle school math, Algebra through Calculus, Chemistry, and other sciences. It preps for the SAT and ACT, as well as state and standardized exams. Huntington programs develop the skills, confidence, and motivation to help students of all levels succeed and meet the needs of Common Core State Standards. Founded in 1977, Huntington's mission is to give every student the best education possible.

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